SUEZ group in the Czech Republic


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The company SUEZ pays particular attention to applied research and development of new technologies. 

The annual budget that is given to this area by the company is the biggest in volume budget in the world in water industry.

Science and research in the services for our customers

The research programme involves projects covering the entire water cycle: water resources protection, drinking water production and distribution, waste water collection and treatment, water treatment technologies and waste water recycling. More than 730 scientists work in the scientific centres all over the world headed by the Paris centre CIRSEE.

The companies with SUEZ participation have permanent access to the results of the worldwide applied research. This principle is naturally also the basis for our cooperation in the Czech Republic.

The most important recent research results are for example:

  • ultrafiltration membranes – eliminating viruses and dangerous substances in drinking water treatment
  • DNA chip – new method for quicker, cheaper and more accurate analysis of water samples and detection of microorganisms
  • virtual water treatment plant – SUEZ’s newest project that makes possible to stimulate complex technological processes in the water treatment plant and subsequent optimization of its operation

Current research projects can be found on the web SUEZ