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Towns and municipalities or their unions or associations are the basic partners for successful operating for the SUEZ companies, or the particular water operating companies belonging to this group in the Czech Republic.

Balanced partnership while operating the water supplies and sewerage

SUEZ companies have seen and will see to it that they were balanced partnerships when each partner can apply their strengths. Only such relationship is a good base for successful business and improvement in water services.

Within this balanced relationship the towns and municipalities or their associations should act as owners of the water infrastructure rented to the operating water company, where the towns and municipalities may also have a certain ownership interest. The strategic partner, i.e. SUEZ focuses in their activities mainly on professional management of this operating company.

The balanced partnership is usually proved by the shareholder agreement, which clearly sets the rules for both partners performance in the company. On the basis of this agreement and under constant control of the towns and municipalities representatives the decisions about the water and sewerage tariffs as well as the rent for the relevant calendar year are made.

Proven model of providing water services

This model of balanced partnership in the operating water companies belonging to the SUEZ group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia was proved and it can serve as a good example of the partnership between public and private sectors.