SUEZ group in the Czech Republic


SUEZ Water CZ, s.r.o.
Španělská 10 • 120 00 Praha 2

phone: +420 222 251 581-2
fax: +420 222 252 434
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The water operating companies belonging to the SUEZ group provide drinking water supply and sewerage in the following regions: 

The Czech Republic:

The town of Brno

Operated by Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace

The town of Ostrava

Operated by Ostravské vodárny a kanalizace

Districts of Karlovy Vary, Tachov, Stříbro, Chodov, Horní Slavkov and Vejprty

Operated by Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary (Vodakva)

The town of Šumperk and its surroundings

Operated by Šumperská provozní vodohospodářská společnost

The town of Benešov and its surroundings

Operated by Vodohospodářská společnost Benešov

The drinking water supplied by the water operating companies belonging to the SUEZ group meets all the legal standards set by branch and hygiene regulations and its quality is checked continuously.

The waste water is disposed at the waste water treatment plants, which meet all limits for cleaned water release back into the wild. These waste water treatment plants are constantly being upgraded and the cleaning efficiency is enhanced.

Operated Area Map