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One of the most important companies operating in the Czech Republic in waste industry is a waste management division of SUEZ environnement - SUEZ Recycling and Recovery formerly known as SITA CZ.

The company SITA was founded in France in 1919, in 1996 it entered the Czech waste industry market, where it was operating from 2000 under the brand SITA. Since 2016 it has been operating under the brand SUEZ Recycling and Recovery and nowadays it belongs to the most important companies in waste industry in the Czech Republic.

The main activity of the company SUEZ Recycling and Recovery are complex services in environmental consulting, planning, establishment, construction and operation of facilities for waste management, including collection and waste separation. The advantages of this company can be seen especially in a comprehensive approach to waste disposal, in their own development and application of the latest technologies in order to achieve ecological disposal or their effective evaluation by recycling or by producing alternative fuels.

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery in the Czech Republic employs over 1,100 employees, operates the latest technologies to process waste such as incinerators, landfills, thermal desorption unit, the technology of production of alternative fuels, facilities for disposal of light sources, technology for disposal of refrigeration equipment, composting, biodegradation surface, solidification equipment, neutralizing station, deemulsification station and it also has a special technics for collection and transportation of all kinds of waste.


SITA CZ a. s. (Inc.)

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