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Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, a. s. (Inc.), was founded in May, 1992, and its activity is linked to the good results of its predecessors. Since 1872, when the Pisárky water treatment plant was constructed, several generations of water management have been providing the inhabitants of Brno and its surroundings with drinking water supply, sewage and waste water treatment.

The company is one of the most efficient Czech water operating companies, which is mainly proved by the low level of leakage of water in the network, the cleaning effect of the waste water treatment plant, application of modern diagnostic methods, high proportion of excavation-free technologies, and the rate of accredited activities. The company has 525 employees, it operates 1,419 km of water supply networks and 1,217 km of sewerage networks. The total delivered water volume is 24.6 million m3 and the company’s turnover reaches CZK 1.85 billion. BVK supplies about 409 thousand inhabitants in Brno and its surrounding area with drinking water. The main activity of the company is to operate public water supply and sewerage systems, to produce and supply drinking water, to detect faults on the water supply system, to trace out water and sewerage systems, and to perform TV camera surveys of the systems.

The aim is also to provide waste water and rainwater disposal and its treatment at the Brno - Modřice waste water treatment plant including sludge disposal for about 425 thousand inhabitants. The company’s laboratories conduct analyses of drinking water and waste water. The investment and design activities are focused on preparation and implementation of civil structures in the field of water and waste water management. All activities of the company are vital for the life of the city and its inhabitants. The company conducts its business not only in Brno, but also in the towns of Kuřim, Modřice, Březová nad Svitavou, the municipalities of Lelekovice, Česká, Moravany, Nebovidy, Vranov, Měnín, Moutnice, Želešice, Koroužné, Skorotice, Chlébské, Dolní Loučky, Černvír, Doubravník, Štěpánov nad Svratkou and the Vír Regional Water Supply System, Association of Towns and Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities.

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Motto: The goal and endeavour of all our staff is to provide the inhabitants with the best possible water services, because: ‘water means life.‘

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