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Šumperská provozní vodohospodářská společnost, a. s. (Inc.), originated in 1994 after the privatization of the company Vodovody a kanalizace Šumperk, which was a long-time operator of water and sewerage networks in the region of Šumperk. The company’s activities result from the construction and operating of the advanced water system for the town of Šumperk in modern history from 1883.

ŠPVS is an operating company that under the long-term contracts manages and operates the water infrastructure of towns, municipalities, and especially the joint stock company Vodohospodářská zařízení Šumperk, a. s. (Inc.), which incorporates 6 towns and 24 municipalities of the Šumperk region.

In 2001 the company’s major shareholder became SUEZ. 

One of the basic aims of the company is the stable and long-term development of water and sewerage services in the covered area. A medium-term plan of the company was adopted for the implementation of this, which emphasizes particularly the reduction of the non-invoiced parts of water, improvement of the customer service, and effective organization and human resources management, which involves staff training in an international environment.

The company has 177 employees. It operates 658 km of water network, 345 km of sewerage networks and it deliveres over 4.2 million m3 of drinking water to more than 81 thousand inhabitants. The company’s total turnover reaches 305 million Czech Crowns.

Within the further development of the business ŠPVS is gradually replacing the old defected sources with new underground water sources. By modernizing the water pipelines it is reducing the leakage of water and helping supply the inhabitants with drinking water in those municipalities where there are no quality water pipelines.

The close cooperation with the owners of infrastructure, quality services and the company’s good name guarantee stable operations and further development of water service in the Šumperk region.

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Motto: ‚Quality services - consumer satisfaction‘.

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