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SUEZ Water CZ, s.r.o.
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Vodohospodářská společnost Benešov, s. r. o., (Ltd.) originated in 1994 by separating from the company Středočeské vodovody a kanalizace Praha and following privatization, when all the infrastructural water property was handed over to the towns and municipalities. Since 2000 the multinational company SUEZ environnement / ONDEO has been the sole owner of the water company VHS Benešov, s.r.o. (Ltd.). 

In 2002 VHS merged with the company VOK Davle, s.r.o.(Ltd.), on the basis of consolidation, and then with the company AQUACON, a. s.(Inc.)  It is now a regional company handling complete water services related to the drinking water supply, waste water discharge and treatment.

The company manages operations of water supply, water treatment plants, sewers and sewage treatment plants under the contractual relations with their owners. It carries out water constructions, including water and sewerage connections. It extended its activities to other provided services – drinking water supply to order, cleaning the sewerage systems with special devices, pumping and disposal of the waste water from septic tanks and sewers, tracing out water pipelines, sale of water work material, and drinking water analysis. In 2012 the company built new laboratories for drinking water and waste water including new equipment. The services are enhanced by gas chromatography and setting AOX in waste water.  The company also runs a public wash-stand.

In 2012 the company had 180 employees and supplied 65 thousand inhabitants. It operated 655 km of water networks and 418 km of sewerage networks. The total volume of delivered water was 3 million m3 and the turnover reached nearly 260 million Czech Crowns.

The primary endeavour of the company is to have satisfied customers. It achieves this not only by providing quality services but also through the long-term good cooperation with the owners of the infrastructure. VHS Benešov wants to be a reliable partner for individual towns and municipalities.

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Motto: ‘Quality as the main value’.